Welcome to BourbonScript


We’re happy you’re here! While you can read who we are on the ‘About’ page, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about the BourbonScript brand.

Like many of you, we are first and foremost lovers of bourbon/whiskey. Both of us are board-certified oncology pharmacists and trained scientists with expertise in cancer research and the clinical management of patients with a wide range of cancers. After long, successful careers in clinical practice and academia, both of us transitioned to roles within the pharmaceutical industry. As such, we both travel extensively which affords opportunities to visit, tour, hunt, and sample whiskey in distilleries, restaurants, bars, and yes…even on airplanes, in airports and hotels.

Why should you care about what we have to offer? As the bourbon boom has taken over the distilled spirits industry, bloggers and self-proclaimed experts have arisen overnight. That’s not us! We’ve been around for a while. This is our second blog site, our Twitter presence has been in existence for 2+ years and we’ve actively formed relationships with the whiskey industry for many years before we moved into the online space. We’re proud to note that across our social media presence, we’ve built a base of over 2,000 followers in a little over 2 years. We’re followed and frequently contacted by distilleries, distillers, whiskey educators, publishers and whiskey destinations for our insights gained from sampling thousands of bottles and barrels of whiskey while traveling around the world. We’ve been invited to whiskey events, to write whiskey reviews and blog posts, to provide whiskey education, and are very frequently asked for the ‘best place to find/drink/buy whiskey’ in more cities and countries than we can count. We’ve even been invited to participate in the distilling process at craft distilleries. Most importantly: people in the industry know us!

We view ourselves as whiskey travel experts. Further, we view ourselves as scientists who pursue whiskey with the same scientific method and evidence-based approach that we would apply to cancer research. Tell us more, you say! We’ve conducted ‘experiments’ on whiskey aging, storage, blending and infusing whiskies (think serial dilutions of flavors to volume of whiskey and types of whiskeys…wheaters versus ryes, scotches, etc.). In the future, we’ll expound upon these experiments and others to share some of our scientific approach with you.

What can you expect here? Our geographies are very different. Myke is located in Arizona and travels the west coast and Steve is in Kentucky living the bourbon trail life and traveling the east coast and central United States. Throw in some occasional international work travel and personal travel and we have the beginnings of what we believe is a somewhat unique perspective on the whiskey industry. Along the way, we’ll provide reviews of bars, restaurants and distilleries from around the world. We’ll share tips for finding the best places to drink during your travels. We’ll share our own whiskey travels and a passion for finding the out of the way and off the beaten track places to enjoy a dram. We’ll share rumors and news cultivated from our contacts in the industry (for those that have known and followed us for a while, we’ve been the first to break several stories on new releases, changes at major distilleries, etc.).

We are also always happy to hear from you, our readers, on what you’d like to hear more about. Have an upcoming trip and want to know where to drink? Visiting the bourbon trail and want to know where to go, eat and stay? Have an idea for a whiskey experiment? Let us know!

Again, welcome and enjoy!

Steve and Myke – The BourbonScript


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