Happy 2019

As a new year begins (3 weeks late in this case for BourbonScript), we look forward to a new year by rebooting our blog as an extension of our Twitter and Instagram presence. As we’ve written in the past, the 3 of us behind BourbonScript are all frequent travelers which allow for unique opportunities to drink whisky, craft beer, rum, tequilla, mezcal, etc. in interesting places; to enjoy some of the best bars in the country and their own legendary craft cocktails; great meals at some of the best restaurants in the world and think about spirits pairings, etc. It helps that one of our founders lives in Kentucky a mere 2 miles from the nearest distillery and another founder in Arizona in a region where tequila and mezcal are plentiful. Oh, the options and opportunities!

As I write this entry, I’m completing a whirlwind trip across the country with work meetings in Boston and Atlanta. Sadly, this has meant largely consuming bourbon or, in tonight’s case, rum on airplanes, airline lounges or hotels. The variability of whiskey selections in hotel bars is significant. While I was spending my nights in Boston in a nice hotel, the bar, sadly, stocked only Jack Daniels and some low to middle tier scotch whiskies. As most of you who fly may know, Delta stocks Woodford Reserve on planes but only Jack as their ‘free spirit’ in their Sky Clubs. As I find myself in an Atlanta Hartsfield Sky Club at the moment, I’m sipping on Zacapa 23 rum as a better option to the bottom shelf whiskey. We like rum! Rum has gotten a bad reputation as a spirit best enjoyed by college students, in fruity Tiki drinks or mixed with Coke. Higher quality rums sip like whiskies with a similar smooth finish. In fact, Four Square finishes several of their most popular rum expressions in previously filled bourbon barrels giving these rums a subtle bourbon-esque sweetness that even the most hardened whiskey lover would likely enjoy.

Cheers and here is to a very successful and productive 2019 for all!

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