Passing through Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport

I’m Delta loyal. There, I said it! For those of us that are Delta loyal, it means connections through Atlanta from time to time…sometimes more depending on your georgraphy. This evening, I rolled the dice on trying to get on an earlier flight home and missed out. With 7 hours to kill, I went exploring for restaurants I haven’t tried here in the airport. I discovered Ecco on the F Concourse. This is an airport satellite of their Atlanta-area restaurants with an gourmet and award-winning menu of entrees, small plates and appetizers. The whiskey list is not the most impressive but with a decent selection, it was not difficult to find and order a High West Double Rye from their menu for a modest $12 charge. My quest for top shelf bourbon will continue but if you’re looking for a gourmet meal, One Flew South on the E Concourse and Ecco (which may be a new favorite) are both great choices. Cheers and safe travels!

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