The BourbonScript is curated by three oncology pharmacists/scientists residing in Arizona, Maryland and Kentucky. Our passions include the finer things in life including: bourbon, whisk(e)y, fine cocktails, craft beer, cigars, culinary experiences and travel. We are fortunate that our careers allow us to frequently travel, domestically and internationally, and regularly experience the things that we love. Thus, we will share our experiences through snapshots, reviews, stories, rumors, news, anecdotes and tasting notes. You will find a scientific approach (where possible) to understanding the how, what, where and why whiskies develop distinct taste profiles, flavors meld for exquisite results, producers differ in their distilling/brewing techniques, etc. Most importantly, we have extraordinarily understanding wives who allow us to pursue the passions critical to the success of The BourbonScript. Welcome! We’re glad that you’re here. We look forward to your comments and suggestions and sharing this journey with you.



Q: How often do you plan on updating your blog?

A: Over the past two years, we’ve been slow to post blog entries choosing instead to focus on a rapidly growing Twitter and Instagram presence. However, in 2019 we are recommitting to regular blog entries as a way to extend our thoughts beyond the 280 characters that Twitter allows.


Q: Do you accept samples for reviews from distilleries?

A: Yes. Unlike some bloggers, we are happy to receive samples for review. Please email us for more information on shipping information. Our guarantee is that in exchange for samples, we will provide a fair and unbiased review of any spirit provided for review. Unlike some bloggers who post favorable reviews of everything they taste, we feel like our reputation is established upon honesty and transparency. Our goal is to post reviews within 2 weeks of receiving a sample. However, we are all employed in positions that require extensive travel for work and some reviews may be delayed do to travel. We are also happy to provide a return email to distilleries when our review is posted.